Clearly I am still at the beach, as I’ve not done much in the way of posting the last few days.  It is just soooooo relaxing down here.  I haven’t sunk this deeply into relaxation in, well, several years–since the last time we spent a week here. 

Believe it or not, I’ve only been checking my email once or twice a day.  Okay, maybe three times.  But, still.  C’mon, for me, that is amazing.

It is lucky for me that I am checking messages because the wonderful Karen Mason informed me today that she just posted one of my stories on her blog!

The story is called In The Yucatan, and it is one of my favorites.  You can go read it here.  Please do!  And thank Karen while you are at it.  She is amazing and wonderful and doing great things with publishing the work of others.

Thanks, Karen!

And I promise I’ll return to the regularly scheduled programming soon.  Really, really soon.  As soon as I get away from the force field of doing nothing here at the Oregon Coast.

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