Friday Night Round-up

So, I had hoped to post another in my series on Making Money Online tonight, but that isn’t going to happen.  Why?  Because I am tired.  Lame as that sounds, it is true.  I’m too tired to think tonight.

The truth of the matter is that I am currently writing three, count ’em, three books.  I am regularly posting (well three times so far counts as regular, don’t you think?) chapters on the Make Money Writing Online book, I am doing a spiff-up on my novel to send it to an agent, and I am writing a book for Atlantic Publishing.

And let us not forget that November starts this Thursday, and I am committed to writing a novel for Nanowrimo.  By the way, for anyone who is interested, I’ve started a Nanowrimo group on Blog Catalog, and they’ve started this great new feature where you can invite non-Blog Catalog members to join groups.  So if anyone is interested, write me a comment and I’ll send you an invite.

I’d thought I’d write a round-up of interesting writerly things that I’ve found or learned this week, but I can’t think of any.  Oh wait, here’s something I’ve learned from working on my novel this week:  you can’t just string a bunch of scenes along a plot line like pearls on a necklace.  You have to have some connective tissue, and sometimes, as you get farther along in the novel, that connective tissue becomes the heroine or hero doing a re-cap of where she’s been since the beginning of the story.

I mean, I knew this, but I didn’t know know it, if you know what I mean.  You don’t truly learn things in writing until you are in the thick of it.

I think that sometimes we novelists are so concerned with moving the pace along and writing in scene that we forget that a little exposition is a good thing.  It gives the reader a break, for one thing.  And it gives the writer a chance to remind the reader where she’s been.  It’s like hiking along a steep mountain path, getting almost to the top, and sitting down to take a break.  You look back down the path to remind yourself how far you’ve come–and then, reinspired, off you go again.

Okay, okay, I know, bad hiking/mountain metaphor.  I told you I was tired. 

More on making money online this weekend. 

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