So Go Write Already

One of my students said something about writing and the teaching of writing that resonated with me.  She said, basically, that every writing teacher says the same thing in different ways. 

What is it that we say? Finger-blank-paper-25643-l

The way to become a writer is to write.


The big secret is that there is no secret.

It's all about putting words on the page.

Now, every writing teacher, myself included, has come up with various tips and tricks to get yourself to the page.  But they are all variations on a theme. 

The theme being, go write.

So what are you doing reading this blog post?  Go write, already.  You could start by writing a comment about what most often keeps you from the page.

Create a successful, inspired writing life: You know what I'm going to say.  Go write.

Photo by OmirOnia.

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