Writing in Retreat

Tomorrow I take off for Diamond, Oregon to co-lead a week-long writing retreat.

It's been a hectic week, with my cat Captain in the hospital for two days and a million things to get done. (Including packing a bag with at least five books, maybe more, in it.   Gone a week? I'll need at least that many books to dip in and out of.)

But I think I'm about ready.  Mornings will be spent giving the retreat attendees instruction and afternoons exploring the area and writing.  I've explored the area a lot already, so I intend to do a lot of writing.  And thinking.

Never fear, however, because I have some guest posts scheduled here for while I'm gone, so the blog won't be completely dark. 

So come on by and check out what's going on here in my absence.  It'll be a party, for sure.


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04/21/2012 09:00

Have fun, Charlotte!

04/21/2012 10:05

Thanks, Zan Marie!

04/21/2012 15:57

I second Zan Marie, have a good time.

04/21/2012 16:14

Thank you! Hoping to get tons of writing done, too.