A Couple of Fun Reviews

Toes-kids-pedicure-1694963-lIt's Friday afternoon and it is hot here in Portland.  I'm feeling pleased with myself because I got a long-overdue pedicure and eyebrow waxing and I'm sitting here wondering why self care is so hard for me.  Which leads me to ponder why it is also sometimes difficult for me to receive…as in receiving love, receiving gifts (I'm always embarrassed to open them in front of people), receiving praise.

And, um, that last part, praise, is what this post is really all about.  You see, I had two great reviews get published this week and I wanted to share them with you.

What this is really about for me is that I want you to visit the sites of the women who wrote (and filmed) the reviews.  Because they took time, first, to read my book, and second, to put together a review and post about it. 

And I SO appreciate that.

The fact that both are glowing reviews is icing on the cake.  Or, since Emma Jean says I shouldn't be using a cliche, an extra present in the pile.  One more day of vacation.  Another glass of wine.  You get the idea.

So here you go:

I've known Samantha Gluck for a couple of years now and always appreciated reading her blog and tweeting with her. (She is known as @texascopywriter on Twitter)  Samantha not only wrote a review, she filmed a video!  It's hilarious, and anybody who has read the book will appreciate it.  Please go and watch it here.  It is worth your time, I promise!

I met Ionia Martin through sheer, dumb, luck when I cold-emailed her to ask if she'd be interested in reviewing my novel on her book review blog, Readful Things.  I've had such bad results in asking reviewers for reviews, I was stunned when she replied–and was gracious and friendly to boot.  She gave Emma Jean a 5 star review!

What I love about both these women is that, while both are huge readers, neither of them have much of a taste for women's fiction.  I'm so, so grateful that they gave Emma Jean a chance!

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