Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #18

Here's the latest collection of prompts from my Tumblr blog.  Enjoy! And write!

#124 Music.  It touches us, thrills us, saddens or gladdens us.   For some, it is a pathway to a spiritual connection.  To others, a way to get lost in the moment.  What does it mean to your main character? What kind of music does he or she prefer?  How/when/where does he or she listen to it?

#125 The dark falls early these days.  Some people like the cozy, inwardness of early night.  Others hate it.  How does your character feel?  

#126 Outside, it was wet, cold and windy.  Inside it was warm and cozy.  She snuggled closer to her husband, gazing at him adoringly.  He looked down at her, his face very serious.  ”Honey, you’re not going to like this, but I have something to tell you.”

What did he say?  How did she react?

#127 Overwhelm.  Your main character has it, big time.  How does she or he react?  Does he throw a screaming fit?  Does she sit and stare out the window, too stressed to do anything? Or perhaps your MC is a master of coping.  Write it all down.

#128 In the United States, it is Thanksgiving Day.  Does your protagonist host family, attend a happy gathering, or sit home alone in his apartment?

#129 The way a character eats says a lot about her.  Does your main character overeat?  Eat too little?  Have a balanced attitude about food?  Does he eat lots of healthy vegetables or all junk food?

#130 The sky darkened, the wind howled, and the snow swirled all around.  And yet on and on he trudged.  Why?

Please leave a comment. What are you writing about? If you live in the States, did you have a good Thanksgiving? (And stay tuned–I've got another book giveaway coming on Monday.)

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