Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #23

Hey, we made it to 2015! Woot woot!  I know its going to be a great year because New Year's day was the best first day of the year ever around here.  I got some work done on my novel rewrite in the morning, watched the Ducks annihilate the FSU Seminoles in the afternoon, and ended up having an impromptu party to boot.

But the party is over–the New Year's day party and the whole loooooong party of the holiday season. And it's time for prompts.  Oh wait, one more thing.  If you happen to live in Portland, come to my book signing next week.  It's at Rain or Shine coffeehouse on SE 60th and Division, across from Mt. Tabor and I'll be there with Tam Holland, who you might know from this post.  Another woot woot!  

Okay, prompts for real this time.  These are taken from my daily Tumblr blog, which I started on a whim last summer and has kept going all this time quite to my amazement.  Here's this week's selection:

#157 Was it the emotional turmoil of their parting? Or the overindulgence from the holidays?  Or sheer exhaustion?  Didn't matter because the end result was the same.  She took to her bed and could not be convinced to get up.

#158  The one thing she wanted more than anything was the one thing she couldn’t have.  What was it?

#159  And then she discovered the most amazing thing: that most often if she asked for what she wanted, she got it.

#160  Goodbye to all that.  What does your main character want to take with him into the new year?  What does he want to leave behind?

#161  A bright shiny new thing.  A bright shiny new year.  What will you (or your main character) do with it?

#162  And with the new year, came the cold that everyone had.  What does your character do when sick?  Carry on, gut it out, go to work, power through? Or take to her bed for days on end?

#163  Already it was old hat.  And she liked it that way.  The soothing habits of her routine enabled her to….

That's it!  That's all for now! Go write!

Oh–heehee, I forgot, one more thing–Go download my free prompt book here.  I will take you all the way through January in your writing.


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