Otherwhere: Tuesday Afternoon

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an Otherwhere entry.  I was writing them weekly, but I’ve decided to do them more randomly now, just because some weeks I get a lot of good stuff and others I don’t.  I had some links saved up and then some new good ones came in to my inbox this morning, spurring me on. So here’s the latest collection with a bonus video at the end.  See if you can guess what it’s going to be.

Writing habits

How go get started

Your bag of writing tricks

Defeat impostor syndrome

Dealing with those pesky, daily writing blocks. (This is a podcast, but there’s a transcript.)

The threefold method for writing an antagonist

The art of the plausible

Write a great love scene

Okay and now, wait for it…you might have guessed, given the title of this post, that I would come up with a video to the one, the only, the lads from England–your Moody Blues Singing, of course, Tuesday Afternoon. (It’s from 1969, people, with Justin Hayward looking like a high school student.


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