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He had plenty of character!

Writing Scenes to Unearth Character

As many of you know, I’m a fan of all kinds of novel prep, including creating character dossiers to allow me to learn more about my characters.  I use them to keep a record of the external stuff (really helps when you need to remember someone’s eye color mid-way through a book) and to start […]

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Characters at Cross Purposes

Before I started the actual rewriting of my novel, I did a lot of prep work.  One of the things I did was make a chart listing the goals, motivations (what the character wants), interior and exterior conflicts of each character.  These are the kinds of things that you generally at least have a vague […]

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Writing in France (Or Anywhere)

Bon jour. I am in Pezenas, France, down near Montpelier and Beziers (where we stayed Friday night and had an experience on the free bus trying to find our hotel that still makes me laugh out loud every time I think of it).  We–six of us–are staying in a house that could more accurately be called […]

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7 Ways to Get to Know Your Character

No matter what you're writing, memoir, fiction or even web copy, character is everything. You've got to know your character through and through in order to write successfully. This was brought home to me all over again last week, when I spent the week with my daughter and her baby and learned, first hand, what […]

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Writing, Life, and The C Word

Years ago, I heard Margaret Atwood speak.  She announced that she was going to share the secret to writing, and that, indeed, there really was a secret.  The audience, composed largely of writers and readers, hushed, thrilled to be present at such an important moment.  The secret to writing revealed!  "It's conflict," Margaret Atwood hissed.  […]

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