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The Art of Commitment

Commitment. To me, the word conjures up images of confinement to a mental hospital or a jail, which gives you a good idea of the negative cast I imbue it with.  And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.  We creative types like our lives free and easy, unshackled by any kind of constraints.  […]

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This Is It

I had an epiphany this weekend.  I just love me an epiphany, especially when it makes me feel happy and in love with the world again.  Not that I had fallen out of love with it.  Well, maybe a little.  Given a few little ups and downs and my anger at the idiots people who […]

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The Art of Being Enough, Writer’s Edition

One of my favorite current spiritual messages is: you are enough.  Or, to put it more personally, I am enough. I've written about this before (actually twice, here and here,) but it is important enough (there's that word again) to write about it again. Because, as a writer, it is hard not to constantly question […]

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This Is It, This Is Enough, Right Now

Back in March, I wrote a post titled Enough, which explored all the various permutations of accepting that we all have enough for whatever we need. Yesterday, in my travels around the internet, I landed on Marie Forleo's site.  She's got a fabulous video up, part of her Q and A series, that answers the […]

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I'm working with the concept of enough this week. I was inspired to ponder enough by the weekly message at my church.  The reason I love attending church, which is a habit only acquired in December, is that what I get from it stays with me all week.  Every Sunday I get some tidbit that […]

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