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Focus Defeats Fear Every Time

I’m just going to come right out and say it: focus drive the fear away.  Yup, it does. Because when you are focused in the moment, you are connected with your work. You’re not thinking about the past, the 100th rejection you just got on your novel, or how the essay you’re working on refuses […]

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Five on Friday: What’s Going On

What Who I'm in Love With: My new grandson, Owen Lewis Hopman, born October 13, thus becoming the 9th Libra among our extended family and friends.  He was two weeks overdue, and I'm convinced that he just wanted to make certain he had his very own birthday, rather than sharing it with a grandfather, grandmother, father or uncle […]

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What Your Inner Critic Wants You to Know

I wrote a guest post for Jessica Baverstock at Creativity's Workshop  on the writer's Inner GPS, our internal guidance system that is never wrong and can help us greatly with our writing.  (You can go read it now, I'll wait.) And because of that, I started thinking a lot about the Inner Critic, which is […]

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Fear of Writing

When I was invited to speak to the Living Writer's Collective in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago, my topic was the Fear of Writing.   The subject was enthusiastically received, with several writers sheepishly admitting to me that they suffered from it (and Lord knows I've dealt with it off and on throughout my career), […]

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Fear and Focus

We don't always think of fear and focus at the same time, but there's very good reason to pair them. Focus.  It's what we all desire, what gets the writing done.  Because the words don't go on the page without it. Fear.  It's often what keeps us from focusing. The kinds of fears we writers […]

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Just a Little Thing Called Fear

A few years ago, I helped my friend Suzanne sell her photographs at art fairs.  The photos were gorgeous shots of flowers, spectacular close-ups. People would walk by and say, "I don't need to buy one of those, I could take a photo like that." Um, really?  You could get the settings on the camera […]

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