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Are You An Idea Generating Machine?

Are you an idea generating machine? Ha! Me either.  But if you're a writer, you better be.  I don't think I am by nature.  But I have trained myself to be better at it–and you can too. Generating ideas is on my mind because  I'm writing synopses for my next two books.  (And by the […]

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Where Writers Get Ideas

On Wednesday, I gave a presentation at a local retirement center.  I talked about how and where writers get ideas, and interspersed readings from Emma Jean's Bad Behavior.  Afterwards, I got to sell books. It was a lot of fun!  Anne, the organizer (an amazing dynamo of a woman) told me that the room could […]

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The World is Your Writing Oyster

A couple weeks ago I was greatly taken by a lecture I heard about the writing life, given by Helena Kriel at the Spalding MFA spring residency. The talk was, essentially, about how everything in the world feeds into our writing lives and our writing–if we are but present to the world.  Further, when we […]

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Where Do Ideas Come From?

I've been doing some interviews (I'll have links soon–like tomorrow soon)for the release of Emma Jean, and one of the things that comes up is how I got the idea for the novel.  I always have to stop and think about this because there's not one clear light bulb moment.  It was more like an […]

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The Genesis of an Idea

I needed me an idea.  For this very blog post that you're reading, in fact. I have been posting on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule and that works well for me.  Doesn't seem to be too overwhelming for readers and it's not so far apart that you'll forget about me.  Usually, I have an […]

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Where Do Writing Ideas Come From?

Like Oprah, here are three things I know for sure: 1.  Energy breeds energy 2.  The more you write, the easier it gets. 3.  Ideas generate ideas About that last truism, I have this theory that ideas actually breed like rabbits.  If you note ideas in your journal, or corral them in an idea book, […]

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7 Ways to Find Ideas

How do you get ideas?  Do you struggle to find them, or do they come to you in an endless flow that is frustrating only because you can't act on all of them? Although most creative types fall into the latter category, I think if we're honest we'll also admit that there are fallow times […]

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