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The Radical Act of Play

I'm reading two books about writing at the moment, and together they are making my head explode. In a good way.  It's exploding with ideas. The first one is called Wonderbook, and it is by Jeff Vandermeer.  I'm only at the very beginning of this baby, having just gotten hold of it last week.  This […]

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We Are the Light

We've made it to the eve of another Christmas. Not only that, we've sailed through what some feared would be the end of the world and many others felt would be the dawning of a new world, with a different consciousness. There's been quite a bit of darkness along the way.  Recent shootings here in […]

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Radical Gratitude

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States.  It's a day when we pause from our normal routines to eat a lot of turkey and be grateful.  Accordingly, the Internet is inundated this week with posts about gratitude. It is not in the least coincidental that my spiritual community has just begun a 21 day gratitude […]

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On Not Knowing What to Write

I wanted to write a blog post this morning, but my mind was empty of ideas. This is an unusual situation for me.  Usually my brain is brimming with thoughts to share on writing.  Not today. Was it because I just returned home from Nashville last week?  Because I'd finished the greater part of a […]

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On a Writer, Being Alone

I assumed I'd have plans. I'm in Nashville, and I always have plans.  Like, for every minute. But it turns out that I didn't.  I texted a couple friends to go grab a glass of wine, but it was Saturday night and I was way too last minute.  Everyone was busy. And so I faced […]

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