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What Holds You Up?

What Holds You Up? I got the best horoscope ever this morning.  Here it is: Become independent from the things that are holding you back, without abandoning the reliable things that  hold you up. This seems more like advice for living than a horoscope, and it starting me thinking.  First, what are the things that […]

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What Would You Write About?

Yesterday, while procrastinating before getting to work making sure I stay informed on what's going on in the world, I ran across the story of a woman who recently died.  Earlier this spring, she started getting odd pains in her legs, and on April 15th of this year she was diagnosed with cancer and told […]

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Opening the Door

A few years ago, in honor of a landmark birthday (I'm sorry, I'm not prepared to divulge which one) my daughter gave me a tattoo.  Well, more to the point, she gave me the promise of a tattoo.  However, I never took her up on it.  Not because I didn't want a tattoo, but because […]

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Losing My Mojo, or, A Ray of Light

There was an article in the Sunday Oregonian yesterday about all the crises we face in the world–the oil spill, war, the economy–and how they are getting people down. No, duh. Usually I am immune to the tyranny of news stories.  Aware, but immune. Lately, though, I've let it all get me down.  Yesterday, as […]

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Clearing Space

I cleaned my closet yesterday. I didn't mean to.  I've been working on the endless office project.  But because I've been so focused on that, I'd been careless about piling clothes all over the room on the bureau.  And so, since I'm going to New York on Wednesday and would soon need to pack, I […]

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What If…?

What if…every time you did something you didn't want to do, you put the energy you'd usually use complaining about it into getting it done faster? What if…every time you were at work you acted grateful for the paycheck instead of whining about what a crappy job you have? What if…every time  you failed you […]

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