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Cool Tools for Writers

A small round-up of items helpful for your writing… I've been writing a lot, how about you?  But, um, you might have noticed I've not been blogging that much.  One problem is that I can't access Typepad from the Chrome browser on my computer, and that means I have to go open Microsoft Edge, which […]

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The Writer’s Notebook(s)

I am a total nerd for office supplies, and my most favorite kind are notebooks–spirals, perfect-bound journals, and binders, big, medium and little.  You name it, if you can write on it and its bound together in some form, I love it. Part of this love, I'm certain, is because notebooks are tangible.  They exist. […]

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Two Crucial Writing Tools

Sometimes the tools I use as a writer are so integral to my work that it doesn't occur to me to write about them. Even though writing about writing is part of what I do. Tool Number One: The Book Journal Case in point: On Saturday, the local writing group I co-lead hied ourselves off […]

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Tool For Writers: Attentional Training

I'm finishing up Uncertainty, the book by Jonathan Fields, and last Friday, after I wrote about process visualization, I promised a post with another tip that'll help with your creativity.  That tip is attentional training. As mentioned earlier, Fields likes to give fancy names to things we've all heard of and are familiar with.  Thus, […]

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