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Happy New Year and Welcome 2013

I'm probably about the last one to say it to you, but Happy New Year.  Here's what I'm hoping for this year (in no particular order): –snow –a successful book release –health, happiness, safety and success for my loved ones –that I continue to enjoy a deep journaling practice every morning –that I make good […]

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Advent for Writers

For as long as I can remember, December has been a creative time for me.  This used to puzzle me.  Why would the darkest time of the year be a rich, fertile period?  For so many, the gloomy short days are depressing and anything but creative.  Wouldn't it make more sense for my wildly creative […]

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Give Thanks for Being a Writer

Everyone and their uncle are writing thank you posts and sending out newsletters telling about how grateful they are today.  Don't get me wrong,this is a good thing–I'm all for gratitude, especially now that I've figured out being grateful doesn't mean settling.  (This is generally where I get hung up on my spiritual journey, misunderstanding […]

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