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Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #2

Here is my weekly round-up of prompts from my daily Tumblr blog. For inventive ways to use writing prompts, click here. Now go write tons with them. #11  A garden is hard to leave. #12 The worst vacation you've ever had. #13 The offer that was so good it couldn’t be refused, and the terrible things […]

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Loving Your Writing Up

I was in a place last week where there was much talk of getting loved up.  Which means, in case you hadn't guessed, beaming love onto a person so that they feel wonderful, amazing and fantastic.   And this got me thinking about loving up our writing.   Because much of the time we don't. […]

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Just Write It

As you all know, I teach writing, and I coach writers and I write about writing on this here blog. There's seven years worth of posts here–over a thousand of them last time I looked–and they all have something to do with writing.  In truth, I don't write a whole lot about the actual mechanics […]

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