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The Only Way Out is Through

"If you're going through hell, keep going."  Winston Churchill "The only way around is through."  Robert Frost The only way out is through.   We usually don't want to hear this particular bit of advice, but I have found that it is true.   I thought about it as I was out walking this morning, […]

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Process Writing

I mentioned process writing recently in another post but I want to look at it more in depth today.  Why?  I'll tell you why.  Because I've realized that nearly all of my product writing has its origins in process writing.  As in, blog posts, articles, and notes for scenes flowing from my pen.  As in, […]

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Fear of Writing

When I was invited to speak to the Living Writer's Collective in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago, my topic was the Fear of Writing.   The subject was enthusiastically received, with several writers sheepishly admitting to me that they suffered from it (and Lord knows I've dealt with it off and on throughout my career), […]

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Writing Every Morning

I'm participating in Nanowrimo this year.  Sort of. I doing it, but not really doing it.  The Nanowrimo rules state you can do as much prep work as possible up to November 1st, but you can't actually start writing until the first day of the month.  And I'd already written about 60 pages of my […]

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Beyond Free Writing

I'm a huge fan of free writing ( writing to prompts, when you set a timer and write, not stare off into space, not think deep thoughts, write, just letting your hand move across the page), and I recommend it as a practice all the time. I even have a page on my blog devoted […]

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Priming the Writing Pump

Priming the pump–an old cliche, right? Yet sometimes cliches have things to teach us. I've been thinking about priming the writing pump lately because I've had a successful experience of it. My idea of priming the pump is doing a bit of pre-work to get a flow going.  But I decided to look up the […]

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