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The Misuse of the Apostrophe

I'm not one of those writers who considers herself a grammar geek, though there are plenty of you out there, I know.  I'm more of an intuitive type when it comes to grammar.  But there are a few things that, when misused, make me crazy.  And I want to discuss one of those things today. […]

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A Short Post on the SemiColon

Awhile ago, I wrote a short post on commas, confessing that it was a short post because I really didn't know much about them.  One of my writing friends, Anthony (who is not only an amazing writer but a judge, for God's sake) suggested I write a post about semicolons.  Sure thing, I wrote him […]

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A Short Post on Commas

I'll be honest.  This is a short post on commas because I don't know much about them. Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I'm a writing teacher, coach and soon-to-be-published novelist.  I've got me an MFA. And commas still confuse me. I tend to put them in manuscripts, both mine and my students'. But I noticed that the […]

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