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Study writing in a historic seaport! February 3-10, 2019. For more information, check out the Let’s Go Write page. Space is limited!


Let’s Go Write By the Sea

Join us in Collioure, France for a deep dive into the elements of your story

Novel or memoir, essay or short story collection; beginner or seasoned writer – all are welcome!

Two sessions:  September 1-8, 2018, or September 15-22, 2018. Please click here for tons more info!


Open for booking. I speak to writers, artists, heart-centered entrepreneurs, businesswomen–journeyers who seek to rock an authentic, creative life.  I’m available for full-day or half-day workshops, lectures, and keynotes. Email me at and let’s discuss.

General Topics

I’m available for full-day or half-day workshops, lectures, and keynotes, on the following topics:

  • Writing: fiction, non-fiction, creating a kick-ass career as a writer, gaining clarity
  • Creativity: falling in love with yourself and your world through your creative impulses
  • Life Design: making yourself an authentic life you love
  • Productivity: get those words on the page and those creative projects out into the world.

If you think the above topics are all variations on a theme, you’d be correct.  My life’s work is about helping you to become fully, marvelously, and wonderfully yourself and the way to do it is through exercising your creativity, baby.  I’d love to talk to your group about any aspect of this mission, putting it into context for your precise needs.

Specific Topics

These are workshops I’ve developed and presented on specific topics:

Jump Start Your Writing Project With a Vision Board

No doubt you’ve heard about the great successes people have creating a vision board to visualize goals and dreams.  But what about using one to help with a book? Anybody embarking on or in the middle of a writing project will benefit from making a vision board.  Here are some of the many ways a vision board for you book can help you:

  • To get ideas for a project.
  • To gain clarity on an existing project (clarity is the most important thing you need!) To develop more insight and content into your current project
  • Allows you to immerse yourself in the world of the book
  • Deepens your understanding of character, plot and theme
  • Serves as a bulletin board, becoming the background for all your notes

In this workshop we’ll talk about vision boards and how to use them for writing projects, and then we’ll actually make one.  Come prepared with an idea for a project in mind (you can use a current project) and bring any special images or words that occur to you ahead of time.  All other supplies will be provided.

Writing Abundance, The Seven Practices of the Prolific and Prosperous Writer

This experiential workshops grew out of my own writing career.  People constantly ask me how I can be so prolific as a writer.  Further, they often marvel that I’ve created a truly satisfying writing life for myself.  I write for clients and I write for myself, and one way or another, you’ll find me writing something every day. After being constantly beseeched to give up my secret, I finally sat down and took a good, hard look at what I do.   I realized there’s no one secret—there’s seven of them! The seven practices are each process-oriented, things that I do regularly to enable my writing.  While the practices work well when done step-by-step, it is not required.  I prefer to think of them as a spiral or a series of ongoing activities.  For instance, you may get stalled during the practice of creating and realize you need some inspiration, so you return to the practice of connection.  Or perhaps the block is serious enough that you need some help in clearing it.  Writing Abundance is a fluid, flexible system that will enhance your ability to put words on the page.  And the seven practices are:

  • Connect
  • Cultivate
  • Conceive
  • Clear
  • Create
  • Correct
  • Cease and Release

Set The Words Free

Word play to get your writing juices flowing!

Places I’ve Spoken

The Writer’s Loft, Middle Tennessee State University, (workshops and lectures), Path and Pen Spiritual Writing Conference, (Nashville), Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference of the Southwest (Dallas), University of North Texas creative non-fiction seminar, (Archer City, Texas), designed curriculum to get under served teens interested in writing for Step It Up, Inc., (Portland, OR),and other small private groups.

Email me for more information about speaking on any of these topics, or something different you think I’d have an interesting take on.  I’d love to hear from you.  Email, with SPEAKING in the subject line.  Talk to you soon.

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