Write Tons Every Day Writing Circle

You want to write.


You wouldn’t be on this site if you didn’t.

But things get in the way. Spouses. Kids. Jobs. Chores. Soccer practice. Pets. And then there’s the really fun ones. Like procrastination. And fear. Inertia. And all their cheery relations.

Maybe you’ve thought one-on-one coaching would help, but you don’t feel you can afford the fees. Yeah, I hear you.

But guess what?

I have the solution!

Introducing: the Write Tons Every Day Writing Circle.

In response to many requests from writers who need mentoring but don’t feel they can swing the payments for one-on-one coaching at the moment, I’m starting the Write Tons Every Day Writing Circle.

The Circle:

  • Is highly affordable
  • Will motivate you to write
  • Will offer you in-depth knowledge on a variety of writing topic
  • Allows you to connect with other writers
  • Holds you to your writing intentions
  • Gives you the chance to join critique cohorts to get your work read
  • In short, it will inspire you to write tons everyday. Which is pretty much every writer’s goal, is it not?

Here’s what your monthly membership includes:

  • Two teleclasses, one on a topic related to motivation (getting your butt in the chair to write) and one on a selected writing topic (such as character, setting, structure, dialogue, description, etc.).
  • Two PDFs on the monthly topics with notes and more in-depth information
  • A private Facebook page to connect with other writers and also state your goals so we can hold each other accountable
  • 10% discount on my one-on-one coaching programs and classes
  • Surprise bonuses along the way

Membership is ongoing; you can join or cancel at any time

Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses!

Bonus #1

My never-released Ebook, Set the Words Free, a workbook for conquering the chief obstacles to a consistent writing practice. You’ll get the Ebook in PDF, Mobi, and Epub formats, so you can read it on your computer or Ebook reader. (The book was designed as an Ebook, with space to write in it, so even if you read it on your Ebook reader, I highly recommend printing it out.)

Bonus #2

Two Tiers of Membership

Tier #1 Basic Circle

All the benefits listed above for the affordable price of $39 a month.

Tier #2 Enhanced Circle

All of the benefits listed above + a monthly half-hour coaching session with me. We can talk about your WIP, throw around ideas for a new project, brainstorm plot points, or talk about why you’re not getting any writing done.

The price for this level of membership is $59.

Your membership cost will be set up as a recurring payment on Paypal, so you can change levels any time.

So, how about it? Ready to make this your best writing year yet? Join me and let’s do it!

To learn more, and sign up, click here. And I’ll see you in the circle!

Note: there will be no program in September, when I am in France teaching. Your recurring payment will be structured accordingly.

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