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You have stories inside you—lots of them.  Stories that are bursting to get out so that you can share them with the world–and leave your legacy.  But, sadly, so far your stories have stayed locked inside. Meanwhile, the days, weeks and months tick by and suddenly it’s a year later—or two, or three—and you’ve still not started writing.

So tell me, honestly–how’s your writing coming? Are you writing with wild abandon, achieving your word count every day?  Are you happily setting aside the unwashed dishes and the un-mopped floor, and blocking out distractions (CNN or Instagram anyone?) to claim your writing time? Are you regularly querying agents about your novel, or taking steps to self-publish?

Maybe answering those questions makes your stomach hurt and your head pound. Because you want to be a writer. So bad. You consider yourself a writer. Except for the fact that you aren’t writing.  Or you’re spinning in circles, working and reworking the same first chapter to your novel. Or you’ve got a manuscript finished but you don’t have the vaguest clue what to do with it next.

Or you’re writing.  Regularly, at least most of the time. But you have questions, doubts and fears. Sometimes those keep you from writing. What you need most is to consistently get the words onto the page—because that’s how we writers learn.  And that’s how books get written. But you stop yourself.

NOW more than ever, the world needs your voice.  We are living through crazy, upsetting times and one of the best antidotes to the madness is to exercise your creativity. Go write!  But if you’re having a hard time shutting out the noise and getting words on the page, maybe it is time for some one-on-one coaching.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to feel creatively free whenever you sat down to write? Claim your creative freedom and sign on today!

Together, you and I can go from your passionate ideas to published book.  I can help you get writing and keep writing, and when the time comes, I can show you the ropes of the publishing world—and hold your hand while you climb them.  I love helping writers achieve their goals, and I’m an enthusiastic and supportive cheerleader—who will also kick your butt when necessary.

Coaching Packages

I have designed a variety of coaching tiers, from very low-cost Get Going Packages, to VIP days where we spend an entire day together planning your writing career.  The best way to find out more is to schedule a free connection call with me, wherein we talk about your writing and what’s holding you back from it. It’s easy to book—just click this link and it will take you right to my calendar.  (If you’re eager to get going, I’ve put up Pay Now buttons for the lower-cost options. Please be aware that these are recurring payments.)

Get Going Packages

The following three coaching packages are incredibly affordable options to get you going and keep you going.

Please be aware: these are all recurring payments. Because: the best way to get yourself writing is to COMMIT TO IT.

Bronze Package $50 a month. My most affordable package includes:

One accountability email exchange with me each week.

–One 30-minute phone call per month to discuss your writing progress and habits.

–This package does NOT include reading of any work.

–This is a GREAT way to commit to a starter writing coaching package at a very low-cost.  Watch your word output soar as you have someone (me!) to hold you accountable.

Copper $100 a month, This package includes:

–Reading and critiquing of up to 20 pages of your writing per month

–One monthly 45-minute phone call, during which we discuss your work and any writing issues that might have come up—such as finding time and energy to write, silencing the inner critic, and dealing with distractions.

–Weekly check-in email.

This is a great way to get started with a writing coach at a very low cost. (And, remember, this is a recurring payment.)

Silver $200, This package includes:

Same as above, only twice everything. Two calls and 40 pages, weekly check-in email. (Recurring payment.)

I’m Ready to Make a Serious Commitment and Do This! Packages

If you are interested in a more intensive one-one coaching relationship, that’s great! One of my great joys is helping writers take their passion and mold it into a publishable book.  Please review the following information and then book a connection call with me so that I can tell you all the juicy details! Let’s get your book out into the world!

Gold Three-month package:

–I read 25 pages a week and we discuss it and anything else, writing-related, that you need to talk about.

–One hour phone calls, once a week.

–Weekly check-in emails

–Email access to me throughout the month.

–Assigned exercises as needed

(Note: the three-month package works out to 12 sessions, and  you can spread them out if necessary. But know that regular appointments will greatly enhance your writing.)

Diamond Six-month package

–Same as above, only a six-month commitment

Platinum One Year Package 

–Year-long support.

Write Your Book Proposal Package

–This is a combination of ghostwriting and coaching. Through interviewing and reviewing any notes you might have, I craft a book proposal for your non-fiction book. You’ll finish the six-month process with a marketable book proposal. The fee also includes advice on submitting to agents.


–A whole day devoted to you and your book.  We can line out the contents start to finish and get goals and a marketing plan in place.  Exciting!

Interested? Contact me at today and let’s get your stories out into the world!


Taking Charlotte’s three-day novel writing workshop was life-changing! Her obvious love of teaching and the warmth and support she exudes ignites the spirit and the pen. With her confidence-building coaching I have started a freelance writing business, blog and website and my novel is underway. While working a full-time job, I’ve come so far in just seven months, and I could not have done it without Charlotte.

Kim Leval, Kim Leval Writing

Zan Marie Cover shot2I can’t say enough about Charlotte Dixon’s coaching abilities and style. My inner editor, that pesky little voice, was interfering with my ability to draft anything. I thought it was normal–until I talked to Charlotte. During a fifteen-minute session, she talked me through several exercises. One of them hit the jackpot! Among the wonderful suggestions was this one—have a discussion with your inner editor. Now not only am I able to draft freely, I also got a great short story that is currently submitted to a magazine for publication. Charlotte is warm, personable, and real. Her ideas work.

Zan Marie Steadham, In The Shade of the Cherry Tree

Holly-15I am a first-time book author that was shy and overwhelmed by my aspirations. But, I was delighted to find that Charlotte treated my ideas with as much love and respect as if they were her own. Because of her openness to possibility and her consistently, warm, and practical guidance, I just attended the local writers conference and pitched my book proposal with confidence to eight literary agents. She is truly a Shaman of Creativity.

Holly Marie St. Pierre


GwenI’ve never thought of myself as a writer. I’m a coach. However, after doing a complementary session with my friend and colleague Charlotte I learned so much that will help me with my business anyway! There’s a lot more internal emotional pieces to writing than I ever realized. She immediately asked me WHY I never thought of myself as a writer and child hood emotional memories instantly surfaced. She offered several powerful exercises such as a strategic way to have a dialog with your inner critic, how to make a deal with that inner critic and for all of you perfectionists out there that aren’t writing because you think it needs to be perfect first, Charlotte can help you to really believe that with writing, “there’s always another chance.” She also helped me to format a letter to my clients by helping me with the basic structure. How to start, how can I present the story so the reader can understand it, what’s in it for them (the reader) and how to provide them with what they want and need, and how to end with a strong close. I can’t believe I learned ALL THAT in a simple complimentary session! If she can help this much for someone who isn’t a writer, just imagine how much she can help those of you who are!!

Gwen Orwiler, Emotional Freedom Coach,

PamelaJeanneThank you for your timely work on my book project.  I so appreciated your professional approach and attention to details.

Dr. Pamela Jeanne, author of the book Healing Matters.