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The Voice

Over the last few months, I've been thinking a lot about what Geneen Roth calls The Voice. No, this is not voice in the way we usually talk about it in literature, as in that special, sometimes elusive thing we writers are all seeking.  It is the critical, harping, nagging, unpleasant voice that tells us […]

Charlotte Rains Dixon 

Giving it All Up

So I survived the wedding festivities.  And they were amazing and fabulous and wonderful.  And mostly what I've been doing the last four days has been wedding-related.  Thursday and Friday were all about set-up.  Saturday and Sunday were all about the actual celebration. The wedding was at 5 PM, under a blazing hot sun (thank […]

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Imperfect Action

A friend writes from flood-weary Nashville that she is sometimes writing only one word a day as clean up progresses.  Imperfect action. I set writing one paragraph a day on the next novel as my goal.  Imperfect action. You sit down to work on your memoir and the words tumble out onto the page in […]

Charlotte Rains Dixon 

Write Yourself A Mantra

Do you obsess? I obsess. What do I obsess about? Well, let me list the topics: weight loss body image, earning money, my novel, getting an agent, relationships, working harder, working less, focus, the price of tea in China…you get the drift.  Pretty much everything. When I obsess, my mind runs away from me.  That […]

Charlotte Rains Dixon 
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