‘Fess Up and Rise Up

Do you want to write a best-selling novel?  C'mon now, tell the truth.  Or perhaps it is a memoir you have your heart set on penning.  How about a collection of short-stories, articles for national magazines, a blog entry for the Huffington Post?

Or maybe its a different kind of creativity you have your heart set on.  Maybe you want to paint.  Or knit.  Or tat.  Or climb mountains, or go spelunking (nobody will ever, as long as I draw breath on this planet, convince me to contort myself into a cave, but you can go without me).


Whatever it is you want to do, confess it now. I'll wait for a minute.

Did you have a hard time admitting your desires?

I thought so.  Many of us do.  I've pondered this a lot and come up with the following reasons why this is so:

  • Our desires and goals feel precious and fragile, as if they will dissolve with one harsh word or raised eyebrow.
  • Life and work are supposed to be hard, dammit.  What's all this balderdash about desires?
  • If you have a desire/goal, and you tell someone about it, and then you fail (or even just take awhile to accomplish it) people will give you those I knew you couldn't do it looks.
  • If you have a desire/goal, and you succeed at it, then that will mean, oh God, change.  Life will be different.  Yikes!
  • It's sort of embarrassing to want more.  Because, shouldn't we just be satisfied with the status quo?

I'm sure you can come up with your very own reason not to admit what you want.  But right here, right now, I'll give you one excellent reason why you should:

Because if you don't honor your desires, you'll shrivel up and die, at least on the inside.

Since I do not want this to happen to you, I'm declaring 2011 the Year of 'Fessing Up and Rising Up.  Yes, when I'm not busy being fierce, radical, and profound (you yourself may choose your own words) I plan to keep active by working hard on achieving my own goals.  And you should, too. But in order to do that, first we have to confess what they are.

You know that words have power.  Spoken words have even greater power.  And written words, to my mind, have the most power of all. Once you speak or write your desire, a natural sort of rising up begins to occur.  So join with me now in welcoming the Year of 'Fessing Up and Rising Up by confessing your desires.

You can start in the comments, if you would like.  But if that is a bit too public for you, grab your journal and start writing.

Oh, and by the way, if you need help gaining clarity around your desires and how to achieve them consider booking a Get Your Writing in Gear session.  (And remember, even if you really want to sculpt or create a beautiful garden, the sessions will work for you, too.)  They are on special through January 15th.