There’s Revelation in Deprivation

Hey–before you read this, hop on over to Jodi Milner's blog, My Literary Quest, and read her interview with me.  She asked great questions that I enjoyed answering!

For the next couple weeks, I am off coffee and alcohol.  Okay, I get to drink one cup of coffee a day.  But no alcohol.  And no nuts, seeds, spicy foods, chocolate or popcorn.


Blame it on the ileocecal valve.  Or you could blame it on my new chiropractor.  But whoever you want to blame it on, here's the deal: I've had pain in my shoulder and my knee and leg off and on for the past two years.  My acupuncturist would get it knocked back and then it would flare up again.  Finally, at her insistence I went to a doctor who practices Applied Kinesiology. 

Which is magic.

He poked here, rubbed there, moved my leg around, adjusted my spine and voila! I feel way better.  Like, no pain in my shoulder for the first time in forever.  And only a bit of pain in my leg when I rise after sitting for awhile.  Plus, I have my normal gait back.  I've been walking like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man for the past year or so, all the while suspecting that one leg had got shorter than the other, which turned out to be true.

I'm getting to the point of all this.  Which is that in the AK world, as with all alternative medicine, everything is connected.  And my doc suspects that some of this muscle pain has to do with a cranky ileoocecal valve, which happens to be the case for most people.  It's a little flap between your large intestine and small intestine and it controls things I don't want to think about too much, like waste backing up into your colon or something like that.  Anyway, all the things I listed that I am not currently eating or drinking irritate it.  Which is why I'm not eating or drinking them.

Coffee and wine are the most problematic, as I love them both, and my first thought was no way.  But I truly want this lack of pain to continue.  And so I've committed to this path.  And I have to say, it is amazing what results.

I'm finding that if I don't leap to sip at my coffee or drink a glass of wine at night, there's openness.  I'm not tamped down, I'm not suppressing myself, I'm open.  It's not always the most comfortable feeling, this being open.   Hence, the tendency to depress it.  But I'm hanging in there.

And I think, no I know, this is crazy wild good for my writing and creativity.  Simply feeling different is always a generative state.  But feeling different and open?  Unreal.  Mad writing is the result.

What opens you up?  Have you ever had an experience of revelation in deprivation?  Or even just revelation?