The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Remember that old saying from the sixties, its the first day of the rest of your life? Numbers_text_texture_225115_l

Oh, right, I forgot, you're not old enough.  Trust me on this, it was a popular saying.  And its been ringing in my head ever since I read a blog post (and I'm sorry, I can't even identify where) about how the past is, well, past.  It's over, finito, done. 

Except in our heads, where it is still alive and well and torturing us. 

With thoughts like:

  • What makes you think you'll get your novel published now, when you haven't managed to yet?
  • Why on earth would  you think you will make more money this year than last?
  • You've never been successful before, why do you think you can be now?

And so on.  Our devious little minds egos bedevil us with these thoughts based on important prior history.  Or, more to the point, what our egos think is important prior history.  And we believe them.  When really what they are reacting to is the time Kenny Wayne Chowder hit us in kindergarten.  Or Delia Dalton told us we were dumb when we were playing together when we were three.  

C'mon, is that really what you want to have driving you?  Are those incidents really indicators of your potential?  Stop for a minute and ponder.  What would you be like if today were the first day of the rest of your life? What if the past truly were past and no longer affected you?

Its a pretty big concept to wrap the brain around.  But here are a few things that leap to my mind:

  • I wouldn't be afraid of failure
  • I wouldn't be afraid of success
  • I wouldn't ever say "I can't"
  • I'd treasure every moment
  • I'd take total and complete responsibility
  • I'd expect miracles
  • I'd attack my writing like a hungry bear

There's more.  Oh, there's so much more on this topic, I'm certain, but I've got to let it simmer for a bit.  So you tell me–how would thinking this way affect you?

Speaking of firsts, here's an awesome one.  My friend Lora Cain is going to be a guest announcer on Wheel of Fortune next week.  She'll be the first ever female game show announcer.  Hard to believe, huh?  Listen in and support her.  Then write in and tell them how great she is (details on her site).

Photo by mai05, from Everystockphoto.