Imperfect Action

A friend writes from flood-weary Nashville that she is sometimes writing only one word a day as clean up progresses.  Imperfect action.

I set writing one paragraph a day on the next novel as my goal.  Imperfect action.

You sit down to work on your memoir and the words tumble out onto the page in a glorious, raw glump. Imperfect action.

What is imperfect action?  It is doing something, anything towards a goal.  It is doing something, anything, even when you aren't exactly sure what you should do.  Doing something when you're overwhelmed.  Doing anything when it isn't perfect yet.

Imperfect action is just doing it.  Getting ourselves out of our heads and into the world.  Putting words on paper, even when we haven't the vaguest.  Starting a blog.  Writing an article.  You name it.

And I'm sure you get the drift.

We spend way too much time waiting for perfection.

What imperfect action do you need to take?