The things That Bind You

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Sometimes, phrases just pop into my head.  I think this is a writer thing, but it may happen to everyone, even civilians.  The bad phrases pop in and pop back out again, but the good phrases hang around and bother me untile I do something with them.

Last week sometime, the things that bind you popped into my head.

So I've been pondering things that bind me.

These things can be good and bad.

Good Things That Bind Me

1. Family

2. Friends

3. Writing

4. Passion

5. Desire to help others

6. Creativity

Bad Things That Bind Me

1. Fear

2. Lack of Confidence

3. Tendency Towards Judgment

4. Impetuousness

5. Getting Bored Easily

I reserve the right to add more things to each list as they occur to me.  I also reserve the right to duck when you throw things at me because the phrase, the things that bind you, is now stuck in your head.   Since it is, why not list them in the comments?


Photo courtesy of stringbot, from Flickr, by way of EveryStockPhoto.