Better Late Than Never….And There’s Still Time

You have until November 16 (tons of time) to enter the contest over at Lexus magazine.

How it works is simple.  You submit a 1,000 word ending to the story, "In The Belly of the Beast," a serial novella that has been published on the site since April.  A huge list of well-known writers have contributed chapters to this story, so you'll be in great company if you win by providing the best ending.

Here's a list of participating writers so far:

  • Richard McCann, author of the
    autobiographical novel Mother of
  • Curtis Sittenfeld, author of
    bestselling novel Prep and The Man of My Dreams
  • Brian Antoni, author of Paradise Overdose and contributor to Naked Came the Manatee
  • Bob Shacochis, National Book
    Award winner and author of Easy in the
    Islands, The Next New World
    and Swimming in the Volcano
  • Pam Houston, author of Cowboys Are My WeaknessWaltzing the Cat  and Sight Hound
  • Robert Ferrigno, author of
    the bestselling Horse Latitudes,
    The Wake-Up and Prayers for the Assassin
  • Mary Otis, author of Yes, Yes, Cherries
  • Jane Smiley, Pulitzer
    Prize-winning author of A Thousand
    and Ten Days in the
  • Arthur Phillips, National
    Book Award winner and author of Prague, The
    , and Angelica

Go for it!  You can find the contest here.