I’m Upset, But Okay

There was another school shooting today.  This one was quite close to my home, as was the Clackamas Town Center shooting a year or so ago.  Even though I honestly think that the best thing to do is just not publicize these things, in the interest of informing you, here's a link.

One of my dear readers, J.D. Frost, emailed me to inquire if I was okay and I realized I better post something to say that all is well.  At least for me.  But certainly not for the families of those who were shot.

I'm actually out of town at the Unity People's Convention in Kansas City, but my phone lit up with texts from family and friends this morning letting me know what was happening.  It's a bit surreal to be at this conference, surrounded by the most positive of people dedicated to changing the world, while this is going on in my hometown.

You guys, this has to stop.  I don't know how, but it has to.  What can we do?  I don't know. Suggestions?  At this point, anything will help.

Thank you for your concern.  Hug and kiss your loved ones and know that I love all of you so much–and these cyber connections are not to be taken lightly.  Anytime, anyplace, anyway we can make connections and spread light and love is important in these days.

Maybe that's what we can do.  Go spread light and love.