When I Am Writing…

"When I am writing my problems become invisible and I am the person I always was.  All is well.  I am as I should be."   Roger Ebert

I copied this quote from a profile of Roger Ebert that appears in Esquire.

Nearly four years ago, Ebert had most of his lower jaw removed due to thyroid cancer surgery.  Since then he hasn't eaten, drank, or spoken a word–he communicates by writing or a keyboard to voice device.  But in many ways his writing has been revitalized, as he writes a blog for the Chicago Sun-Times on a variety of topics.  In one of the most touching images that illustrates the article, there's a blue post-it note, with a message from Ebert written on it–"There is no need to pity me.  Look how happy I am. This has led to an explosion of writing."

The article, by Chris Jones, is an inspiration, well worth reading.  And Ebert's blog–he calls it a journal–is well worth reading, too.  I got absorbed in it when I went in search of the correct link, and forgot I was in the middle of writing a post. 

So, this is what I've got for you today, since I've got a busy day full of appointments–why are my Fridays always busy days full of appointments?–and I wanted to leave you with something.  Trust me, this article is much more inspiring than anything I could come up with on the fly.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, everyone.  Oh–and if anything from the article hits you as being worth sharing, come on back and leave a comment.  I think the first quote alone is worth clutching to your heart.