Seeing With Fresh Eyes

The other day, I was out walking in a neighborhood next to mine.  And for some reason, I started thinking Rosa_Rosas_Flor_249965_l about the name of the neighborhood that I live in, which is Rose City Park.  And the thought occurred to me that it is a lovely, evocative name.  This is something I've always known, but forgot. 

As I walked I pondered how cool it sounds when someone asks what part of Portland I live in.

"Oh, Rose City Park."

Something about that sounds so elegant.  There are roses involved for one thing.  And then there is the element of having a city within a city.   As if our little enclave is so important it has been elevated to city status, even though we're just a neighborhood.  And then you add on the park part and that evokes images of lush green and tall firs.  All of which are true about the actual park that lies a few blocks away from my house. It is true of the neighborhood itself, come to think of it.  One of the things that drew me here in the first place are the tall firs that tower in nearly every backyard.

But I hadn't thought about the name of the neighborhood for years.

Which got me to thinking.  What else do I need to look at with fresh eyes?  Are there things in my writing that I need to take a new look at?  New genres to try?  New worlds to conquer?  New skills to develop?

I don't have answers for these questions.  But I'm pondering them.  And co-incidentally, I'm thinking a bit about going back to the basics.  About which I will write tomorrow.

In the meantime, how about you?  Have you taken a fresh look at anything recently?  If so, what did you see?  Or does reading this bring to mind an area you think needs some looking at?  Please share.