Make Money Writing Online, Three–The Benefits of Internet Freelancing

Okay, class.  We’ve looked at the dream of freelancing and the reality.  We’ve decided traditional freelancing is not for us, because it is a pain in the rear, what with all that printing and SASEing, and standing in line at the post office, and all that fun stuff. 

So is there an alternative?  Of course there is, and that is why you are reading these posts that are soon to be a book.  The alternative is internet freelancing.   Writing for online markets gives you all the afore-mentioned benefits of freelancing and some that are peculiar to the field. 

So, drumroll please, here  (in no particular order, because I’m not that clever) is my list of the Top Ten Benefits of Internet Freelancing:

  1. The internet never sleeps.  You really can work at all hours of the day and night.
  2. Your can have clients all over the world.
  3. You often get paid immediately, or within a day or two.  (I see your eyes lighting up!)
  4. There’s a quick turnaround on most jobs.
  5. The internet is driven by content.  There’s always another job out there.
  6. Internet freelancing is open to newbies.
  7. You can create your own content–as in an Ebook or online class–and make more money than through traditional publishing channels.
  8. Blogging can be career making.
  9. You’ll write about fascinating topics and learn new things.
  10. You’ll learn how to write fast, and I do mean fast, while maintaining quality.
  11. It is an excellent way to improve your writing skills and gain writing experience.

Oops, apparently that’s eleven benefits.  Ah well, consider number eleven a bonus reason.  In truth, given a bit more time, I could come up with a lot more benefits.  And I’ll add them as I think of them in the coming days.  If any readers have more input on this, comment away.

Let’s take a look at a couple of these:

The Internet Never Sleeps

It really doesn’t.  Because when you’re asleep, people in other parts of the world are awake, working and blogging and writing and creating writing assignments for you.  This means you can awaken and find the job boards full of new jobs, or your inbox full of emails from prospective clients.   If you get an urge to communicate with and editor or client at a strange hour, odds are good he’ll be at his computer, too.  It truly is a 24 hour world and you can choose to work any of those hours you want.

You Can Have Clients All Over the World

This is related to the above reason, obviously.  I’ve worked with clients in Norway, New York City, LA, Idaho, and Italy, to name only a few, and currently I’m working with people in San Francisco, South Carolina, and Florida.  (And that does not include all my students in the beloved city of Nashville.  And one in Huntsville, when she’s not long-haul truck driving.)

You Often Get Paid Immediately

I am not kidding.  Some internet job companies will pay you as quickly as you turn the job in.  I’ve literally been paid within an hour.  Unfortunately, these companies are often relatively low on the pay scale.  However, if you need some quick cash, they are a Godsend.  Even companies that don’t pay quite so quickly often will pay you through Paypal, which, can I just say, is God’s gift to the world?  It is SO much better to have the money go directly into your Paypal account and have immediate access to it than to wait for the proverbial check to come in the mail.

There’s A Quick Turnaround on Most Jobs

This may not be a benefit, depending on your outlook.  But I like it.  I like to get a job, spend a few days learning everything about the topic and then batting it out.  Then, off it goes to its new home, and off I go to work on my novel or write some more on this blog.  Works for me.

There’s Always Another Job Out There

I worked for one company in Victoria, B.C., which had a spectacular rise and fall.  Strong start, lots of work, and then a stunning flame out when allegations starting coming in from writers who weren’t getting paid.  But for every company that dies before its really gotten going, there are 10 more.  And that’s not even mentioning all the small business owners who need copy written.  According to this article, there were nearly 30 billion web pages in existence as of February 2007.  That, my friends, is a lot of websites.  And what is the one thing they all have in common?  Words!  They are all full of words! So you might as well be one of the ones who writes some of them.

Okay, the thought of all those web pages has worn me out.  I’m going to finish going through this list tomorrow.  And after that, we’ll move on to examining more closely the types of internet writing opportunities that are available.  Here’s the links to the introduction and the first two chapters in this series:


Chapter One–Freelancing: The Dream

Chapter Two–Freelancing: The Reality

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