He’s Here!

So sorry to have left you all hanging on Wednesday after my last post about my daughter being in labor, but having a baby is serious business that takes the intense concentration of many people,  (most notably the Mom) and there hasn't been time to write until now.

My beautiful grandson, Henry Rains Hopman, arrived yesterday, December 8th, at 5:17 PM.  (I have a grainy photo of him taken from my Iphone but I'm not posting it out of respect for my daughter and her husband.  They are feeling very private and protective about this baby.  Suffice it to say that he's the most beautiful baby ever born in the world.  Ever.  Really.)

We arrived at the hospital Wednesday afternoon and didn't get home until last night after 10 PM.  My daughter labored for over 24 hours, with no pain medication.  Let me repeat that: with no pain medication.  She really wanted to have a natural childbirth and nearly accomplished it.  But then it turned out that Henry's heartbeat was dipping dangerously with every contraction.  They tried slowing labor down and finally gave her an epidural, but the same problem remained.

The three of us attending the birth (besides her husband) had been up all night with a few minutes of dozing here and there and yesterday afternoon we'd gone to the cafeteria when they gave her the epidural.  With full tummies, we came back to the room and all three of us fell asleep in various awkward positions on chairs and couches.  Only to be awakened by a sudden flurry of activity–the room had filled with nurses and doctors.

They had decided that Henry needed to come out immediately and were prepping her for a C section.  In mere minutes, she was gone and we were left behind to pack things up and wait.   They got him out quickly and both mother and baby are fine and healthy.

And now I have to answer the gazillion emails that came in while I ignored the world.  And, of course, draw a name for this week's contest.  I'm going to give everyone a little more time and cut off the time to enter at noon today.  So hop on over there if you haven't yet entered!  And thank you for all your comments and good wishes about my grandson.

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