I have a kick-ass post on letting go and how difficult and necessary it is.  But you'll note I'm not posted it today.

That's because I'm participating in the Stop SOPA strike.

I'm not technically advanced enough to figure out how to black out my site, but this way you get the benefit of learning more about it. (And if you find sites blacked out in your travels around the web, this is why.)

Information from the Stop SOPA Strike page:

On Jan 24th, Congress will vote to pass internet censorship in the Senate, even though the vast majority of Americans are opposed. We need to kill the bill – PIPA in the Senate and SOPA in the House – to protect our rights to free speech, privacy, and prosperity. We need internet companies to follow Reddit's lead and stand up for the web, as we internet users are doing every day.

Some of the many internet guys joining this strike:





And many more.

Won't you join?  Don't you want a free, uncensored internet?  I know I do.  Visit the SOPA Strike page to find out more.


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