Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #8

Here's the latest collection of prompts from my Tumblr blog!  Enjoy–and go write.

#54 What in the world happened here?

#55 "And it's too late, baby, now, it's too late."  (lyrics by Carole King)

What is it too late for?  To have a baby, to get married, to change a bad habit? Write about it.

#56 Thunder boomed and lightning flashed perilously close to the tree beneath which she sat.  Yet still she didn't move.  Why? 

#57 It was a change long overdue.  She had lost the excess weight she had carried all those years. What a wonderful thing.  And yet when she thought about it….

#58 Your plot demands that your main character gets stranded on a desert island for a few weeks.  What one item does he take with him from the ship, once he knows it is going to be wrecked in the storm?  Why? What does he do with it?

#59  The most boring thing in the world is when…

#60  "Oh no, not this," he said.

"Yes, this," she said.  "We're just going to have to deal with it."

What is this?

Merci beaucoup for reading and I hope the prompts are tres helpful.  (Even though I'm in France, it doesn't mean I speak the language very well.)

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