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Link Round-up: Tips on Writing

While I'm away in Europe, I'm posting some old articles from the archives and some link round-ups.  Today's selection is on writing tips of various stripes.  Here you go: Saturday Writing Tip: Scenes Saturday Writing Tip: Observation Tips for Writing: Overcoming Resistance Tips on Writing: Writing by Hand Tips on Writing: Building Momentum Writing Tip: […]

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Should You Write Every Day?

I was at a gathering of writers last night (Portlanders, we meet every last Monday of the month for Literary Libations, join us) and Angela Sanders, an accomplished mystery writer who is doing very well with her books (can you say number one on all Kindle sales?) was talking about her career. Angela talked about […]

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Tips on Writing: Slow and Fast

This weekend, I started a new series called the Saturday Writing Tip and wrote about scenes.  One of my loyal, longtime readers, J.D., who I adore, wrote a couple of comments.  In one of them he noted how the author Lee Child had said, "Write the slow parts fast and the fast parts slow." Which […]

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Tips on Writing: Writing by Hand

I know.  It's very shocking.  When I suggest to clients and students that they may want to try writing by hand, there is sometimes outright rebellion.  To most writers these days, writing means writing at the computer, whether that computer is a desk version or a laptop (my own preferred option).   Okay.  I hear you.  […]

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