Link Round-up: Tips on Writing

While I'm away in Europe, I'm posting some old articles from the archives and some link round-ups.  Today's selection is on writing tips of various stripes.  Here you go:


Saturday Writing Tip: Scenes

Saturday Writing Tip: Observation

Tips for Writing: Overcoming Resistance

Tips on Writing: Writing by Hand

Tips on Writing: Building Momentum

Writing Tip: The Process Mindset

A Compendium of Writing Tips and Tricks

Tips on Writing: Quick Fixes for Passive Voice

Writing Tip: The Roster of Fives

5 Tips to Getting Published

4 thoughts on “Link Round-up: Tips on Writing”

  1. Some of us are back from Europe. I had a wonderful time. My thanks to Charlotte and Debbie for putting this together and for being such wonderful leaders.

  2. Aw! Thank you! We are having Happy Hour at this very moment and miss you and Donna and Lizzie. Thank you for being such a wonderful, open paticipant! You rock!

  3. Jenni Gainsborough

    It was a great workshop and I share your thanks to Charlotte and Debbie. Many thanks to you JD too — you were such a great colleague and so helpful and encouraging to the rest of us. Can’t wait to read your memoir.

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