Link Round-up: Tips on Writing

While I'm away in Europe, I'm posting some old articles from the archives and some link round-ups.  Today's selection is on writing tips of various stripes.  Here you go:


Saturday Writing Tip: Scenes

Saturday Writing Tip: Observation

Tips for Writing: Overcoming Resistance

Tips on Writing: Writing by Hand

Tips on Writing: Building Momentum

Writing Tip: The Process Mindset

A Compendium of Writing Tips and Tricks

Tips on Writing: Quick Fixes for Passive Voice

Writing Tip: The Roster of Fives

5 Tips to Getting Published

0 thoughts on “Link Round-up: Tips on Writing”

  1. Some of us are back from Europe. I had a wonderful time. My thanks to Charlotte and Debbie for putting this together and for being such wonderful leaders.

  2. Jenni Gainsborough

    It was a great workshop and I share your thanks to Charlotte and Debbie. Many thanks to you JD too — you were such a great colleague and so helpful and encouraging to the rest of us. Can’t wait to read your memoir.

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