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Thus Endeth

My son got married on Saturday.  As I've written about quite a bit this summer, this was our second wedding, since my daughter had a rather large renewal ceremony in June. It was the hottest day of the year (98 degrees), and an outside wedding.  But despite that, it was a gorgeous evening and a […]

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A Newfound Sense of Freedom

My baby boy (6'2", over 200 pounds) is getting married tomorrow. We are fully in the midst of festivities surrounding the nuptials–dinner for 16 here last night, ladies lunch yesterday afternoon, manis and pedis today followed by the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner…you get the picture.  Which is why this blog post will be brief. […]

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Another Post on Process

On Sunday, I officiated at a wedding. This is a wee sideline to my writing career that developed a few years ago when friends asked me to get ordained so that I could officiate at their wedding.  One thing led to another–I think they call it word of mouth–and since then I think I've done […]

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Giving it All Up

So I survived the wedding festivities.  And they were amazing and fabulous and wonderful.  And mostly what I've been doing the last four days has been wedding-related.  Thursday and Friday were all about set-up.  Saturday and Sunday were all about the actual celebration. The wedding was at 5 PM, under a blazing hot sun (thank […]

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Ah, Weddings

This is going to be a short post. My daughter is getting married tomorrow.  I've written about her story on this blog before, and you can read more here, and here. But let me just say that weddings are hell on the writing schedule.  As if you didn't know that.  I suppose planning any event […]

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