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Ah, Weddings

This is going to be a short post.

My daughter is getting married tomorrow.  I've written about her story on this blog before, and you can read more here, and here.

But let me just say that weddings are hell on the writing schedule.  As if you didn't know that.  I suppose planning any event for 200 people will do that.  Yesterday I spent the entire day at my daughter's command, cleaning and straightening (she's having an open house at her place the morning after) and in general doing what I was told.  And then were things to deliver and in the middle of it all, a memorial service to attend.

Today is no different–we are heading out to the wedding venue in just a bit to begin stringing lights around the huge tent that was erected yesterday.

By the way, could every single person who reads this blog please, please, please give a little prayer for sunny weather tomorrow?  Please?  Thank you.

Even though we've been enjoying this mad, crazy schedule, I have gotten a little bit of writing in.  Just a touch, but its enough to keep me feeling centered and in touch with who I am.  And here's what I realized the secret of doing this has been for me:


The first part of that is to Pause.  Pause and take a second, just a wee second, to Remember your connection to whatever or whomever you believe in (and if its a big fat nuttin', just feel your connection to everything around you)and then Acknowledge. 

It's that simple and boy does it make a difference.  You can do it in seconds without anybody knowing, or you can repair to the bathroom and sit on the toilet and take long minutes.  You can extend your PRA to an hour-long meditation.  Its a perfectly adaptable habit.

And that is all I got for you today.  Have a great weekend, everyone.  And remember, think sun.

0 thoughts on “Ah, Weddings

  1. DP

    At this moment: Praying sun. Thinking sun.

  2. Antonia Blanca

    Congrats on the wedding! Much love and luck to your daughter!!

  3. Charlotte Dixon

    Thanks, Antonia and DP, the wedding went off without a hitch and was great fun. And the weather was perfect, so your prayers did the trick!

  4. rebecca

    Your blog post sounds a lot like mine. Check it out, it seems June is weddings and memorial services.

  5. rebecca

    I like your new look. Liked the old look too!

  6. Charlotte Dixon

    Rebecca, I will go read your blog post, thanks for letting me know. I’ve not had as much time as usual to go around and read blogs and I miss it. Glad you like the new design.

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