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Event I Wish I Was Attending: BookExpo

There’s an AP article this morning about the annual Book Expo starting in New York City tomorrow.  Interesting to note is the fact that MySpace is not only attending for the first time this year, but is a sponsor also.  The article notes the number of authors promoting themselves on MySpace and also discusses the site’s book clubs.

Years ago I went to a precursor of BookExpo, back when it was called the ABA–American Booksellers Association.  I attended as a representative of local writing groups, but it was a tough place to network if you weren’t a big author.  The main thing I remember was the books–oh glorious stacks and displays of books.  And people standing by them, forcing them on you.  Forcing. Books. On. You. 

It was heaven.  They actually had a room at the convention center where you could go buy boxes and ship the books home, because you ended up with so many that you couldn’t possibly get them in your suitcase.

Why aren’t I there this year? 

Read about it here.

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