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Writing Quote of the Week (A Few Days Late)

The mega-article on global warming ruined me for any other writing (or any other thing, like thinking) during the time I was completing it, but here’s my quote offering, by My Favorite Writer In The World, Ellen Gilchrist :

"I am doing the best I can to teach them but there is really very little to teach about writing.  All I can do is edit their work to make the writing more beautiful and seductive, and tell them over and over again the few, simple strategies I know.  I learned most of them from a book by Ernest Hemingwaythat I assign to students every semester.  It is called On Writing…..It was in that book that I learned to quit each day while I still knew what to write next.  I learned to be satisfied by four pages of good, well-written prose and then go out and live my real life and be fresh when I come back to the piece the next morning…"

Ellen Gilchrist, The Writing Life.  (And, for the record, I’ve been off living my real life for a few days.  Though in truth, I don’t think there is a real life apart from writing.)

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