Charlotte Rains Dixon  

A New Gig

I’ve been remiss in posting because I’ve been the wee-est bit distracted by the usual suspects–the necessity of making a living (oh, yeah, that).

But I have good news–I am, as of Tuesday, the official new host (hostess?) of two new blogs on the Powered By Everything blog network.  I will be the one and only blogger for Powered by Writing and Powered by Books. 

I’m kind of excited about this new site.  It just went live on Monday and I think it has tons of potential.  I like the categories they’ve chosen and the blog posts I’ve read so far have been quite good.  Oh yeah, and my friend Suzanne Peters just so happens to be the host of the Powered by Pictures site.  So go check it out.  And then give it a few more days while we all get our feet wet and go visit again.

Don’t worry, I have no intention of forsaking Strumpet.  I’m hoping that the two sites will support and encourage each other and I’ll get tons more readers on all of them.

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