Charlotte Rains Dixon  

Quel Disaster

This is just awful.

My fabulous new blog network, on which I had two blogs, Powered by Books and Powered by Writing, crashed and burned this afternoon. 

They had a power outage for a few hours and somewhere in the midst of that the software completely compromised itself. 

These are the nicest people and they spent tons of money for this launch and things were looking really good. And now this.

I’m so bummed.

I’ve gone through and rescued my blog posts from over there and the good news is that now I’ve got tons of new material to post here.

But still, God.

Can’t help but wonder if it’s old Mercury Retrograde striking again.  They did the launch a few days before it started, but it still can have a powerful affect.  I was thinking of revamping things on this site–deleting my two other writing sites which I never post on and making Word Strumpet Books and Word Strumpet Causes blogs.  However, I’m thinking I’ll just wait until Mercury Retrograde is over on that.

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