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Ewomenweb We went to the Ewomen networking lunch in Orange County yesterday.  I’m usually not a huge fan of networking events, as they can so often take on the air of desperation.  But I know they are a fact of life in business these days and so when I’m in LA, I usually allow Mary-Suzanne to drag me along to them.

However, I must say–I really loved the Orange County Ewomen.  The group is organized by Aggie Kobrin, who is a wonderful, warm, delightful woman.  The women at the lunch were a successful, cheerful bunch with a true desire to support each other.  The speaker was Kristine Catalina, who talked about male female relationships and urged women just to appreciate men for their yumminess.  The two token males seemed a wee bit overwhelmed by all the attention to their yumminess, but they coped. I also met two amazing women who sell Himalayan Goji Juice. 

Everyone has to get up and talk about themselves, and while I tried to pretend I was so seriously focused on the crappy coffee and sorta good cheesecake that I couldn’t possibly tear myself away, it didn’t work.

So I talked about writing for websites, and SEO copy, and blogs.  It never ceases to amaze me how many people out there really don’t know exactly what a blog is.  Further, they don’t have a clue about all the possibilities blogs offer.  So I was being a bit of a blogging evangelist and found an eager audience.

Next we went to visit my new client, Jessica Arzt.  I’m going to be writing copy for her business, Harmon-eyes Iridology, and her website. She and I had talked on the phone and emailed, but never met in person.  Turns out she is a doll–enthusiastic, eager, and passionate for her field.  (For those of you who don’t know, and I didn’t, Iridology is a modality in which the practitioner takes a photo of your irises and from that reads your body.)  We had so much fun talking and throwing around ideas for articles for her site.  The Wellness Center she is a part of is a wonderful, serene place, too.

Check out her site now, because iridology is really interesting, but check it out again in a couple months, because then it is going to be chock full of great articles.

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