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Writing and Waterfalls

Over on one of my webpages, I wrote about the Columbia Gorge (in connection with writing) and illustrated it with photos of waterfalls in the area.

Waterfall Take a look at this gorgeous photo.  It is from my friend Suzanne Peters, who is, clearly, and awesome photographer.  She told me she had lots of photos of waterfalls and would send me some to illustrate my post.

But this one is so cool I thought it deserved its own post.  Go check out her work at Lifewishes Photography.  By the way, at this very moment she is sitting across the room designing a new banner for this blog.  Suzanne is also very good at graphic design and website design. And ThetaHealing. And being a fabulous friend.

What does this have to do with writing?  Well, nothing really.  Except that over the years that I’ve known Suzanne she and I have been a "creative cluster" (as Julia Cameron is fond of saying) of two.  She’s supported me in my writing career and I’ve supported her in her photography career, and now also as she branches out into other areas such as ThetaHealing . 

Having the support of another person is vital in a world where it can be common for others not to support your creative quests.  So I’m very grateful to her.

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