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I Won An Award!

Schmooze This is the coolest thing ever–I won an award!  As you can see it is the Schmooze Award and I got it from the amazing and wonderful Susanne at Sue’s Daily Photos, which you should check out immediately. Her photos of Key West will make you want to book a ticket there, today.

The award is for bloggers who get involved and make an effort to get to know others.  The fun thing, and the really, really hard part is that I now get to turn around and award the Schmooze Award to five other outstanding bloggers.  Truth be told, I’ve been obsessing about this for days. 

While there are many wonderful social networking communities out there, I’ve found my home at Blogcatalog, and I met all of the bloggers I’m awarding today there.  You should check it out.  I think it is the most user friendly and just plain ol’ fashioned friendly of all the sites.

Okay, here goes.  Drumroll.  Oh God this is hard.  No, I’m ready, really.  Here we go.  Ta da!  The Schmooze Awards go to:

Pierre Vachon, at Another Point of View.

Pierre is an opioniated middle-of-the-road progressive and we need more of those, plus I love opioniated people AND, he is a great adder of blogs to his blogroll of Suspicious People. 

Suzy Q at Creative Writer Within.

She’s a relatively new blogger, but she’s putting together a great collection of articles and information about creative writing.  Really great stuff.  She linked to my creativity series and that made her a heroine in my eyes.

Thomas Hamburger at Harry McFry Investigates.

My man!  You must go read the adventures of Harry.  I love the way Thomas, aka Paul, is serializing his novel on his blog.  He was one of the first bloggers to really reach out to me so I think that we should honor him forever and ever, don’t you?

Lisa McGlaun at LifePrints: Good News for A More Compassionate World.

Lisa is an accomplished freelancer and writer, but does she spend time focusing on herself?  Oh, no.  Instead, her goal is "giving back all the kindness and love that’s been shown to me."  Her blog is about people who are making a difference, and if that’s not worthy of an award, I don’t know what is.

Andrew at Odlum Online.

He’s a great networker at Blogcatalog, and I love that he gave my blog a great review.  Thanks, Andrew.  But most of all I love that I can go to his site and learn stuff about the internet and websites and that he writes in an entertaining and literate style.  A techy with literary flair!  I so love it!

I’m going to go have a drink now.  Now, I’m not really, its only noon.  Go visit all these wonderful blogs and check out Blogcatalog for more.  Honestly, there’s so much great stuff over there, its amazing.  And thanks again to Susanne for awarding me in the first place!

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  1. Lisa McGlaun

    I let you know how happy I was about the award with a shout of BC but I want to do it here to. THANK YOU. The award literally made my day.

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