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Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

I love when this happens.  Here I’ve been up to my elbows in an assignment all day–all flippin’ day–worrying about neglecting semi-important things like grocery shopping, and really important things like my blog, when in pops this press release into my inbox.  (Are there enough "ins" in that sentence for you?)

And now my worries about what to blog are over. 

To wit:

September is Be Kind To Editors and Writers month.  I am both an editor and a writer, so do you think this means I get a double dose of kindness?  Think my family will buy it?  Nah.  But they did go grocery shopping for me.  I suspect mostly because there was beer involved (not for me, for them).

Anyway, I digress.  I learned all this from the press release sent on behalf of Malibu literary agent Wendy Keller.  Now I don’t know Wendy, but I do know Malibu, and even though it is full of disgustingly pretty and thin people I still like it.  My friend Brian, the screenwriter, lives there, and I like him, too.  Most of the time.  Just kidding, Brian.

But I digress.  Back to Wendy.  She offers non-fiction writers tips on selling their book proposals.  She’s got a free ezine and does free teleseminars.

As we say here in Portland, free is a very good price.  Especially for someone who want to be kind to editors and writers.  So go check it out–and thank Wendy for giving me something to blog about.

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