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What You Don’t Know About Me

Nina, the wonderful author of Darwin’s Paradox, and the blog The Alien Next Door, tagged me for a meme, on eight random facts about me.

You really sure you want to go there?

Well, alright.  If you insist.  Here goes:

1.  I am the proud mother of the largest pug in the world.  I’m not kidding.  He weighs 45 pounds.  Wait, I have to go cover his ears if you are even thinking the word obese.  He’s very sensitive.  Because he knows that it’s not fat, it’s muscle.  He is also blind, but he prefers not to think about that, either.

2.  There are few foods I hate in the world more than beets.

3.  There are few foods I love in the world more than coconut.  Fortunately, coconut oil is full of healing properties.

4.  If I could be anything in the world other than a writer, I’d be a fashion designer.  Back in the dark ages, when my first child was but a wee little tidbit of a girl, I used to design and sell children’s clothing.

5.  My great-great grandfather was killed by the Sheepeater Indians in the famous Rains Ranch Massacre, which is featured in Idaho history books.  Well, it is featured in one Idaho history book.  That makes it famous, don’t you think? After his death, my great-great grandmother moved into the town of Grangeville and ran a whorehouse.

6.  Last time I counted how many cousins I have, I stopped when I got to 28.  I know a remarkable number of them fairly well.

7.  I’m a water sign.  You have to guess which one.

8.  I’m a huge fan of the Eagles.  I know, I probably shouldn’t admit that, huh?  But come on, its that whole Desperado, Mystique of the Wild West thing.  You know you love them because of it, too.  And their first studio album in YEARS is coming out October 30th.

Part of this whole tagging thing is that I now get to tag other bloggers.  So, here we go:  Lisa, Becca, Susanne, Theresa, SpeedCatHollydale, and Adrienne–tag, you’re now it!

6 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know About Me

  1. Eric

    First of all, every comment area should be like this! No input required…hey wait a minute, how does your site know who I am…:-)

    I will work on this Monday. Thank you for thinking of me, and I will link everyone linked on this post + you. If there is anything you would like “next to” your link to help drive traffic, please let me know!

    Your new blog friend, Eric

  2. Lisa McGlaun


    LOL..twice in two days I’ve been tagged with this one..LOL. I can dig up a few tidbits about me to share.

    Thanks for thinking of me. I love what you are doing here at WordStrumpet.


  3. Charlotte

    Eric, I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Lisa, sorry, I carefully checked everyone’s blog to make sure you hadn’t already been tagged! Just do it once and call it good!

  4. Adrienne Zurub

    How did you know I was reading Susan Blackmore’s book on Meme’s…which is incredibly fascinating BTW!

    Thank you so much! I feel special…without the helmet and I will tag everyone also.

    Adrienne Z
    oh, hell it’s almost 1 am, you know the spiel about the book!

  5. sf girl

    Wonderful facts, Charlotte. Especially about the great great great… 🙂

  6. Charlotte

    Thanks, Nina, you started it all! Very fun.

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