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Halloween news flash:

My wonderful friend Don Williams has featured Wordstrumpet as his site of the day. 

Don is a children’s book author who lives in St. John, New Brunswick, a city which fascinates me, and looks beautiful, if a bit cold. 

Don has a great blog which you should go visit, and I’d say that even if I weren’t the site of the day.  And I say that despite the fact that Don is an avid Mac user.  As I always told my children, sometimes we have friends who have unfortunate tendencies, and we have to love them in spite of that.   So we’ll forgive Don for that one tiny little problem of his and keep reading his blog anyway.

Happy Halloween, everybody.  Be safe.  And remember that tomorrow is the first day of Nanowrimo!

0 thoughts on “I’m a Featured Blog

  1. Square1

    LOL! Yes my grandmother swears by Mac also, poor delusional person that she is. But for the sake of peace I over look at and at your behest I will overlook it when I go to visit Don.

  2. Don Williams

    Thanks Charlotte. I have been getting a lot of good feedback on your site. People really love your blog and for good reason…. its a great site!

    PS. by the way, we citizens of St. John, all 122,000 or so, prefer the proper spelling of Saint John, New Brunswick.

    Its never shortened to avoid confusion with the good folks in St. John’s, Newfoundland. You wouldn’t believe how many people confuse the two?

  3. Charlotte

    Hey Square 1, my daughter is a Mac user also, but I try not to hold that against her. Just don’t say anything to Don about it when you visit him.

  4. Charlotte

    Oops, Don, you haven’t been reading our comments about Macs, have you? We love you anyway!

    I also found a St. John that is either an island or a city on an island. I should have stopped to read more but I was bent on finding you lovely city. Interesting to note the correct designation: St. John, New Brunswick. Will make sure I refer to it thusly!

    Reminds me of how cranky we Oregonians get when people call our state Ory-gone. Its Ory-gun, people, Ory-gun.

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